Our Services

CCBED is currently offering a free summer course " Level One Award in Passport to Enterprise & Employment which will: develop your enterprising skills, give you an introduction to marketeting you and your business and enable you to explore the values of creative thinking. The course runs from Monday 14th August - Friday 18th August. Please call 0117 914 5472 or email

CCBED also offers free SFEDI accredited enterprise training, Corporate Professional Development, and business incubation for individuals, which include progression and transition into work, post completion support and tiered mentoring. 

We currently offer courses between Level 1 and Level 3, focused on the development of entrepreneurial skills and business training, and will be able to deliver more courses from Level 4 in the near future, including;

  • Level 1 Award in Enterprising Skills and Employability
  • Level 2 Certificate in Enterprising Skills and Employability
  • Level 2 Award in Preparing and Delivering a Social Enterprise Activity
  • Level 3 Diploma in Enterprising Skills in a Business Environment

Please call 0117 914 5472  or email for  details of when the next courses are running.

We aim to increase the skills and knowledge in employment and enterprise and provide a supported route for all people in Bristol. 

Training Courses

CCBED training offers accredited SFEDI courses at Level 1, 2 or 3. These are taught and vocational sessions, offering trainees the opportunity to gain real workplace business experience and focus upon developing entrepreneurial skills and employability.

We offer fixed and the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) modular courses, tailored to you. 

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A mentor is assigned to provide personal support and motivation as well as offering specialist assistance during work-based or enterprise element, these are available to learners for the duration of the programme.

Support continues throughout the transition towards entrepreneurship or paid employment.

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Business Incubation

We offer a small business incubation service to graduates of our courses. To develop their business ideas into working enterprises.

Entrepreneurs in our incubator will have access to office space, networked technologies and communications systems, in house business coaching and support services.

To find out how we can support your business idea become a reality.


We offer a range of Corporate Professional Development opportunities through our mentoring programmes, offering professionals the chance to gain a unique insight into mentoring, coaching, and leadership within a real-world context.Mentors gain hands on experience of working with junior staff, and a deeper cultural awareness that is essential in our globalised business world.

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